Travel to Tango Retiro

Travel to Rättvik and Tango Retiro

To travel to Rättvik and Tango Retiro from Stockholm is very easy!

•By train: There are several daily departures from Stockholm Central Station and Arlanda Airport (railwaystation) to Rättvik (~4h).

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•By car: From Stockholm - E18 to Enköping - RV70 to Rättvik (~4h). From Arlanda Airport - E4 to Gävle - RV80 to Rättvik (~4h). From Göteborg - E45 to Mora - RV70 to Rättvik.

•By bus: From Stockholm Central Bus Station at Cityterminalen several daily departures (several companies) to Rättvik (~4h).

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•To find us in Rättvik: Use our map!